With the arrival of a new year brings new home decor trends. Whether you plan on selling your current home, or plan on staying forever, it is important to stay up to date with today's style. Take a look at our top home decor trends for 2019.

 1. Painting Floor and Wall Tiles
 No paint, no gain. Rather than tearing up floor tiles we’re here to paint them – that’s the message for 2019. People are painting parquet floors with bold colours and mosaic patterns.
 2. Dark Wall Colours
 While designers might be turning to light pink for furniture and accessories, they're going to a dark place for paint colors. Despite conventional wisdom, a dark wall looks chic—and not at all depressing. In fact, dark colors such as black and navy can make your furniture and art really pop. But take note: This trend looks best in interior spaces—such as hallways and powder rooms—rather than in a large living space that has a lot of natural light.
 3. Grass-Cloth Furniture
 Grass cloth—that handwoven stuff that was all the rage in the '60s and '70s—is making a comeback in a big way. Typically used for wallpaper, grass cloth today is found on coffee tables, benches, mirror frames, and more. It might seem strange to incorporate such a summery trend during this particular season, but adding a low-key tropical feel during winter's most frigid months can really cheer things up.
 4. White-Painted Floors
You wouldn't dare mess with your beautiful, natural wooden floors, right? Well, design experts suggest you might want to consider painting hardwood floors (and wood-paneled walls) white.
 5. Artisanal Accessories
 Anything that looks like the work of a detail-obsessed artisan will be right at home in 2019. Whether it's a handcrafted headboard, a standout chair, or a custom metal-framed mirror, a few artisanal elements will keep things interesting without the pressure to commit an entire space to the look.
 6. Pink! - All Shades
Speaking of pink, the flowery hue is still decidedly in the moment. You’ll continue to see the pale “millennial” variety, of course. But get comfortable with her bolder raspberry-toned sister making a statement.
 7. Black Kitchens
 The all-white kitchen has been singing its swan song for the past couple of years and, as such, we've been slowly adding color back in. In 2019, designers say we'll rip off the Band-Aid and embrace the white kitchen's alter ego.
8. Florals - For Spring? Groundbreaking
There's a theory in the interior design world that what we see on the fashion runways in spring and fall will dictate what appears in our home decor the following year. And this year, Paris and New York were all about florals.

If you are thinking of doing some updates to your home and would like more advice, feel free to give Wendy a call!