Décor Trends to watch for in 2020

With the roaring ‘20s quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the décor in your home. What can be updated after the holidays? Here are my prediction on interior home décor trends for 2020!

1. Earthy Textures

Earthy textures will be making a notable appearance according to industry professionals. Bring this trend into your home with furniture pieces or soft furnishings upholstered in textured fabrics such as bouclé, tweed, felt or wool.

2. Concrete

Concrete is set to be majorly incorporated into interior design ideas. Concrete can be added to your home design by kitchen bench top, bathroom basins or a beautiful freestanding bath.

3. Brass Accents

Although we have seen some brass get recognition the past couple years, it will shine centre stage in 2020. Brass tapware has always been an option, but will now be an industry leader.