Thinking of selling your home? Great! Do you know where to start?

First off, you need to decide whether you will hire a professional, or take the route of selling on your own. Buying and selling a home is most likely the biggest transaction of your life - how many people do you know that owns something more expensive than their house? This is the reason it is important to use a professional.

As Sales Representatives, we see many clients of the low cost brokerages losing out on money they deserve - defeating the purpose of choosing a low cost brokerage. 

Our 2018 Days On Market: 9 Days
2018 Days on Market for 'For Sale By Owners': 59 Days

Our Average List/Sale Price Ratio: 101% of Listing Price
FSBO Average List/Sale Price Ratio: 98% of Listing Price

You may think 3% is not a huge differance, but on a $400,000 home that would be $12,000!

Make sure you check out all your options when deciding to sell your home, and pick the one that works best for you.

If you are interested in discussing further information, or would like a free home evaluation please give us a call! 

Wendy: 613-816-6723
Craig: 613-889-9911