It might seem counter-intuitive, but moving in the winter, from house-hunting to getting all your worldly belongings from point A to point B can actually be easier, cheaper and more convenient than any other time of the year. Here’s why it pays to move during the colder months.

It’s a Buyers Market!
 Spring has always been considered the best time to put a house on the market; warmer weather inspires buyer to get out and hit the open house circuit, while gardens and outdoor area's tend to show better when they are not covered in three feet of greying snow.  But there will always be sellers who need to list their homes in the dead of winter, so if you're out there pounding the pavement while other would be homeowners are busy hibernating you're at a distinct advantage.  Less buyers means less demand, less stress for you the buyer and more chance for you to score the house of your dreams!

Real Estate Agents are Less Busy.
 The warmer months are prime Buying-and-Selling times, so it makes sense that the busiest time for most Real Estate Agents is between April and September, Mid December-Mid February though...not so much.  Make the most of the Slow period and work with an agent who can give you 100% of their attention, and help you explore all your options; you'll both be happy when you end up with that perfect home.

Sellers are Motivated
When Sellers put their house on the market during the winter months, there's usually a time sensitive reason like a new job in a different city or a baby on the way, maybe they have already bought a new home themselves. Whatever the case they're often motivated to sell quickly and close the deal with minimal hassle. Luckily for you that translates into possible savings. Sellers might accept low-ball offers when they are not flooded with options. The bottom line don't be afraid to negotiate!