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By: Jessica and Tanner

From the first time my fiancé and I met and spoke with Toni Hermkens we knew she would be the best person to find us our new home! She understood our needs and wants and was able to find us our new home in less than a week! She was very professional and knowledgeable, and answered our questions very quickly! Thank you for everything Toni!

By: Jay Pelletier

Wendy Tracey Cheung was our rockstar realtor who first helped us find our condo rental, itself an awesome place for newly graduated young professionals such as ourselves. Fast forward a year, we were prepared to purchase our first home, so of course we turned to Wendy once again. Wendy's work with us was nothing short of exceptional. She helped us find our dream home in what is an Ottawa market with absurdly high demand and low supply (not to mention there's currently a global pandemic happening). While homes were going for $50-$100K over asking in the Ottawa market, Wendy managed to find and secure us a single family home at asking price with no bidding war, and one that does not require a full restoration. This has given us the flexibility to do upgrades on the house in ways that we otherwise would not have been able to do. All this to say, if you're looking to buy in Ottawa, Wendy will go the extra mile for you. I highly recommend reaching out to her.

By: Lisa Fenton

Working with Wendy is amazing. She goes above and beyond in everything she does. She is professional, dedicated, and caring. She has an amazing team including stagers, and photographer / videographer and will fight for you to get what your house deserves to sell quick. Our house was sold in 1 day over asking price! She is always there to answer any questions you have and will help you find a new realtor if moving away from Ottawa. Wendy is our #1 realtor in the Ottawa area!

By: Dom von Gro

Seldom have I experienced such great service ! Truly a phenomenal experience finding and getting into my dream house, it would never have been possible without the help of your team. Thank you for everything !

By: Robert Stolze

Craig was easy to work with, detail-oriented, and very responsive. Exactly what you want with a real estate professional. Highly recommended.

By: Josee Legare

You can't ask for better realtors in Ottawa! Craig and Wendy listen to you and advise you every step of the way.

By: Bertha & Kenneth

Thank you Craig for being so awesome. We first met in 2019 when we were shopping around as First Time Homebuyers and you did not prejudge us, you were humble, and such a delight.Our first encounter was an eye opener, you showed us the little things we needed to take note of. When we were ready in 2020 we came looking for you and you showed us so many properties with enthuasiasm, guided us through the process and made us feel confident to make a decision at each point of our experience. We dealt with Wendy once over emails and text messages, she was super efficient responding on time, with details and helped us to make informed decisions. Thank you Craig and Wendy for helping us have a great experience with our purchase.

By: Rachel Abraham

Wendy has been an incredible agent, working tirelessly to find me my perfect first home! She is tireless, prepared, supportive, and so knowledgeable that I felt secure and confident every step of the way. Wendy was available to answer all of my questions and was able to walk me through the home-buying process in an approachable and friendly way. I can't wait to move into my dream home, and I thank Wendy so much for the work she has put into this process.

By: Jane and Mitch

Craig and Wendy were referred to us a few years ago when we moved into the Ottawa area and we were very fortunate as a result. We were extremely happy with the service we received when we were buying our home so, fast forward to 2019 when it was time to move again, and we knew who to call! Craig and Wendy are personable, professional, knowledgeable and did an outstanding job marketing our home, selling it and and finalizing the sale. They are problem-solvers as well and work through issues without ever losing the smiles on their faces. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended. Thanks you very much Wendy and Craig!

By: Tom & Carol

Wendy: we have bought and sold 7 homes during our working years, but never have we had the experience of working with such an experienced, innovative and attentive sales agent as you. We were very impressed with your marketing skills, down to the little things like sticking little signs around the house to indicate “beautiful ensuite”, “storage”, or “pantry -open me”. We all worked together with the stager, Sue, to show the home at its best, and the results were great. You always returned calls and emails very promptly and were always there to answer our concerns. Your suggestions on timelines and prices always took into account our thoughts. We loved the photo booklets you provided for visitors: it’s too bad that more people didn’t get to see them. Because the house sold on the first day of listing! And for more than the listing price! We will certainly be suggesting your services to anyone we know that is thinking of selling. (already have done so yesterday with someone on our street). Many thanks.

By: Carolyn & Patrick

As first-time buyers from out of town we needed a lot of guidance and Wendy was absolutely amazing. She sagely guided us through the process every step of the way, even connecting us with local professionals (house inspector, lawyer, moving company, painter). Not only is Wendy extremely knowledgeable and professional, she’s a pleasure to deal with and responds promptly to emails and phone calls. We would highly recommend Wendy Cheung to anyone needing a real estate agent in the Ottawa area. She goes the extra mile and truly makes the process as painless and stress-free as possible. We honestly can’t imagine going through this without her. Thanks for everything, Wendy!

By: Becky and Amiel

Craig and Wendy were amazing to work with! Buying your first home, or any home for that matter, is extremely stressful. Craig took the time to understand what we were looking for, set up tours at our convenience and answered ALL of our questions. I never felt pressure to like the homes we went to see. Craig was so genuine and if a house wasn't the right one, we simply moved on to the next. It wasn't long until we found the perfect home and we are truly appreciative of everything this team has done for us and would recommend them to anyone needing their support.

By: Adriana, Antonio Carlos e Paulo

We'd have gone to Ottawa a few days ago, and no other company picked us up so attentively. Thank you so much for the great service we received from Joseph. It helped us find a perfect apartment for our needs. He and Wendy were excellent at everything. We are very grateful and will certainly recommend the service to everyone who is looking for apartments and homes in Ottawa.

By: Johanne Virtue

Wendy Cheung was referred to me by a friend who had had a wonderful experience. From the first visit she made me feel like she was on my side, she had great knowledge of the market and how to put forth a plan to make my home stand out and attrack buyers. We had a ton of visits and although it took a while, Wendy was in touch with me constantly to offer support and calm me down when I got a little nervous. In the end the house sold and she was great through the whole process. Highly recommended!

By: Val

Selling your family home and searching for a new one for your changing needs is not an easy process. It can be filled with anxiety and stress, as so many factors have to be considered. I am so thankful that I found Wendy Cheung to facilitate that process. She took all the worry out of it with her professional attitude and experience. Wendy immediately understood what I was looking for and she was very sensitive to my needs and preferences. She proved to be absolutely tireless! I was so impressed with how hard she worked and how much time she put into this! Communication was great every step of the way, and at any time if she was unavailable, her partner, Craig, stepped in to create a seamless transition. They are a solid team and they proved their worth with valuable and sage advice all the way through. I am very happy with how well the sale of my family home has gone and I am thrilled with the new home my partner and I have found, thanks to Wendy and Craig. I would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and professional assistance in selling or buying a home.

By: Chris

I will start off by saying that I am not from Ottawa. My work has transferred me to our National Capital. A colleague of mine, who had grown up with Craig, gave me his number and I wasted no time getting in touch with him over the phone. When we spoke on the phone, right out of the door, he put me at ease and also calmed my anxiety about moving to a new city. I decided to make a trip to Ottawa to look around. When I told him that I would be in Ottawa, he made time and actually drove me around different neighborhoods to familiarize me with the city. To someone who is from Ottawa, this is not a big deal, but for a stranger in a new city, trust me on this, this is a huge deal. When I went back to Ottawa for a second time to find a house, Craig asked me exactly what I wanted in a house, my price range, features that were important to me and other factors, such as distance to work, re-sale value, etc. We looked at about 15 houses, and I was almost getting frustrated, but at no point was Craig ever frustrated or impatient with me. He politely listened to me and respected my concerns or reservations. Every time we would look at a house, he would tell me the best features about that house, and if there were any bad features, he would point them out. This put me at ease because I knew deep down that Craig did not want me to buy a house that I would regret; he wanted me to buy a home that I would love. For example, if a house was over-priced, or not well taken care of, Craig would steer me away from it. When time came to make an offer, Craig walked me through the process and also ensured that everything was done right and in a timely manner as I had a limited time to have everything finalized. Craig thanks again for your help and I would recommend you and Wendy to anyone looking for realtor.

By: Nick & Satu

If you are looking for a real-estate agent in Ottawa, there is no better person for the job than Craig Barton-Hill. We met Craig and Wendy two years ago when we were looking to relocate from Montreal to Ottawa. The transfer later went sour and we were forced to cancel the move. Although we were so happy with the service that was provided by them we looked them up again this year for current transfer. Craig is an outstanding real-estate agent who has help us with this move tremendously. All the details were covered by him quickly and efficiently, from scheduling appointments, electronic document signings and detailed information on listing searches present and previous. He also referred us to a very good home inspector. Craig's honesty and real-estate market savvy are his best qualities. When you are new to a city, agents such as Craig Barton-Hill are priceless.

By: Christine

Craig and Wendy were an absolute pleasure to work with. When I first spoke with Craig I told him about the time constraints I had when looking for a house and he immediately provided me with recommended homes understanding exactly what I was looking for. Craig was always available on the phone regardless of the date or time. When I arrived in Ottawa to look for a home Craig was extremely professional and organized which immediately put me at ease. We were able to look at over a dozen homes and when I was ready to make an offer Craig carefully took the time to ensure I understood how everything worked. Craig understood that I was looking for a house with great re-sale value so he made several recommendations and guided me to making the best purchase for me. Craig and Wendy are both local Ottawa residents so they were able to explain how the local market works and when I completed my purchase they were even able to provide recommendations of local contractors that they have personally dealt with. I am beyond pleased with the service I received from Craig and Wendy and I will absolutely recommend others to use their service.

By: Francine and Ken Raymond

Dear Wendy, We want to thank you for helping us find our perfect home! From the very first meeting almost two years ago, it was clear that your number one priority is to make sure your clients make nformed decisions. Buying a home in a rural area was completely foreign to us and a little frightening. You made sure to guide us every step of the way and we really believe that you went the extra mile. From setting up meetings with financial advisors and making numerous contacts with various inspection specialists to actually dropping off the water samples for us, you did it all! All our many questions and concerns were taken seriously and you made sure to find the answers promptly. When we needed to put our search on hold due to our son's illness last year, you reacted quickly and professionally with utmost compassion. We knew you were available to us when the time was right and we never felt pressured in the least. Of course, when we were ready to get the process going again, you were available within a day or two with the most current market information. We are looking forward to the early spring when we will be moving into our new home and begin working with you in the sale of our present residence. Thanks again for all your help and support.

By: Crina Viju

I started working with Wendy at the beginning of September and at the end of October I bought a house. Wendy was a great help during this process not only did she give advice and point out issues that I would not think about, but also she made the process fun through her friendly and open personality. She was always accessible by email and/or phone to answer my questions or concerns. Wendy is knowledgeable in the real estate business and a great professional. One aspect that I really appreciate about her is that she is not pushy and, thus, she provides all the information necessary for me to make a decision and lets you decide on your own. This is the type of professional relationship that works perfectly for me. I would certainly recommend Wendy to anybody that is looking to buy a property. Thank you Wendy!

By: Lance and Nancy Elbeck

Wendy Cheung is an excellent real estate agent! My wife and I had relocated to Ottawa after selling our Ancaster home, and after deciding to look at some houses for sale, we met Wendy at an open house she hosted. Wendy listened to us and took notes then and there. For us, the biggest thing to consider was finding a balance of location to work and affordability in a nice area of town! Both of us knew very little about the market here, and as my wife had to be close to downtown and I liked living farther away, possibly a country home, we needed someone very knowledgeable and possessing common sense in abundance. Wendy was all that and more!! She is most caring about her clients but isn't afraid to speak her mind if needed. She also has a great eye for what is good and bad about a prospective property. When we went to look at houses with her, she noticed so many things that we had never thought about before, it was quite an education. Wendy is absolutely fearless when putting in an offer and fought for us! We found the “paperwork” part of putting in an offer not as stressful as feared and everything was spelled out clearly and professionally. Wendy also helped us greatly by recommending other professionals - lawyers, inspectors, contractors, she trusts and knows. It is for the above reasons and more that we are delighted to recommend Wendy Cheung as an outstanding real estate agent! Also, we would be happy to confirm our positive feelings about our particular experience with Wendy by e-mail or phone.

By: Jennifer H. and Pierre C.

I have known Craig for a number of years on a personal level. Knowing his successes I decided it was time to deal with him professionally. I couldn't have made a better decision. He sold our house in days and found us a new one (we LOVE it) just as quickly. His personal touch, attention to detail and constant feedback were way beyond what we expected. He asked us what he could have done better? My answer was, not a thing! Thanks Craig! We love Wendy too!

By: Karen and Tim Arbour - Proud new residents of Avalon

We were beyond satisfied with their service. Wendy is a detailed representative who gets it all right. Seriously when you hear the expression crosses the t-s and dotting the i's she does it. She is a go getter, personal, friendly, gives her honest opinion, and fights for your rights when needed. When the right house appears that fits what you want and in the right price range be ready to go because the deal will be set and you will be in your new home smiling ear to ear before you can blink. They make dreams happen folks. They make your dreams come true. Would be happy to answer any questions over the phone if you need.

By: Condo Sold and New Town Home bought!! Megan A.

Working with Craig and Wendy to sell my condo and purchase a town home was a pleasure this winter. I like to work quickly and efficiently and was immediately drawn to Craig and Wendy's style and pace. Staging appointment was set, the sign went up and an open house was scheduled all of which went smoothly. Craig is a great listener, which was reflected in the auto-sent properties that came to my email every day. He was extremely accommodating and always worked around my busy schedule and he went above and beyond by taking it upon himself to search my area and criteria for properties for sale by owners and not just those on mls. Craig and Wendy's expertise and knowledge sold my condo very quickly and I was able to find a new town home equally as fast. Craig and Wendy are extremely honest people and I ALWAYS felt like they had my best interests at heart. I would be more than happy to refer my friends/associates/colleagues to Craig and Wendy and next time I sell or purchase a home, I will not think twice about continuing my business with them. Thanks so much.

By: For Sale By Owner - D. Silva

The idea of saving money by trying to stage, market and sell our home without an agent was quite promising at first. It all looked quite simple but after a few weeks on the market with little to no response, it was quite apparent that it was not working as expected. I first met Wendy when she did a showing for me and her knowledge about the current real-estate market and the information she had readily available stood out right away. After that initial meeting the decision to hire her was quite easy. Wendy was instrumental in helping us get the marketing and the exposure our house needed. She was great when it came to working and negotiating with the interested buyer's agent to make sure our home got sold. We were kept up to date every step of the way and the response times and the guidance she provided us was second to none. I'd recommend Wendy and Craig to anyone looking to buy or sell their house. My only regret was not hiring them from the get go!

By: Crystal and Marc - Jan 2014

Craig and Wendy are an amazing real estate team! The sale of our home and purchase of our new home was a daunting experience at times but thanks to their commitment and expertise they provided us with direction and context to make the right decisions. We met Craig approximately two years ago at an open house. We were in no hurry to sell our home but continued to browse the market in hopes of finding our dream home. Craig kept in contact with us and forwarded houses that met our criteria. We visited several houses over the past two years and finally made a decision to sell our home. They worked collaboratively as a team, Wendy assisted us with the sale of our house and Craig assisted us with the search and purchase of our new home. We have to admit we were not the easiest client’s to deal with. They provided us with support during our moments of doubt and uncertainties. They remained supportive, and enthusiastic throughout the process and we appreciated their no-nonsense and practical approach. We are extremely happy with the end results, we sold our home in 24 hours!! And, a couple of weeks later, we found our dream home… and gained new friends! We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a hassle free and efficient real estate experience.

By: Doug and Christiane

Wendy, I just wanted to write to thank you and your team at Keller Williams, for working with us in the sale of our home! Doug and I were extremely pleased with your attentiveness, honesty and advice throughout the entire process. Selling a house can be stressful and you have helped to make it as smooth as possible for us. We feel that you truly go beyond the duties of a real estate agent with the follow-ups, reporting back to us with potential buyers or comments they may have said about our home. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiations. Sincerely, we wish you all the success in the future and will be pleased to recommend your services without hesitation.

By: Mike and Melissa

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Wendy. She made the whole process easy and effortless, allowing us to enjoy the whole experience. She went above and beyond making sure our home was professionally staged which led to an offer within four days of being listed. We want to thank her for everything and recommend her services. Thanks Wendy!

By: Deanna and Dean Hazelwood

Dear Craig and Wendy, We were very pleased with your services in selling our property. We were blown away with how quickly you responded to our needs with great marketing and persistence. You have provided us with a high level of communication and follow up throughout the process. You have earned a flawless reputation by your amazing work ethics. We would recommend you to anyone without reservations. Thank you again for such great service during this difficult time.

By: Amna

At last we settled into our beautiful home, we have been looking for a house for six months when I like one house my husband and my two daughters did not like it and vice versa . Wendy worked patiently with us trying to figure out what each one of us liked and disliked. She is the most patient, compassionate person I have ever met, as well as being very professional. She did a perfect job from A to Z and she is the kind of person who is willing to walk the extra mile to help and satisfy her client. She is a friendly, approachable person who you would love to guide you through the journey of buying a house. She just makes it an exciting journey .Thank you Wendy for a job well done.

By: Dan Savage

Selling a house is a stressful process to say the least and when selling a house when other factors in your life are of a greater stress, you need to find a Realtor who understands, is trustworthy and reliable. I was lucky enough to have met Wendy and Craig just before I put my house up for sale. After our first official meeting, I wasn't ready to make the commitment to sell. Wendy and Craig were both understanding and demonstrated a lot of compassion towards my decision. Never did they hassle me or pressure me into listing my home. Sometime later, when I was ready, I spoke with them again and this time I agreed to list. From my home evaluation to the hanging of the sold sign on our lawn (10 days later!), Wendy and Craig were very diligent in the process. Staging our home properly, pictures, MLS listing, viewings etc... everything was done with my collaboration and an understanding of the reasoning behind every decision. The Cheung Barton-Hill team are professionals in the true sense of the word. They also provided the same dedication in helping me find my new home. I would highly recommend them should you be thinking of selling or buying a home. And you can contact me directly if you have any questions.

By: Wendy & Robert Hanlon

Dear Wendy and Craig, I just wanted to send you this little note of thanks and to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you both did in selling our home so quickly. The last month has been a whirlwind of events for Robert and I as we suddenly found ourselves having to move out of our cherished home and into an apartment for health reasons. It’s hard to believe that not only did you manage to sell our house within a couple of weeks of listing but you managed to get the full asking price and a 30 day closing. This is such a relief for us as we can now put our full attention to planning our future. Thank you again.

By: Nat and Dan

Craig and Wendy are a great team! They are pleasant, experienced, hard-working, and knowledgeable about the Ottawa real estate market. Nothing was too much trouble for them – they always went the extra mile for us. They really represented us well, kept us informed, and always returned our messages or phone calls. With their hard work in marketing, staging, and doing the research to price our home right, we sold in 10 days! Not only were they excellent with the sale of our property but also with the purchase of a new one, promptly finding the appropriate house to buy, without wasting time! I would recommend their services to anyone and will definitely use them again in the future! Thank you Craig and Wendy for all your hard work!

By: Melanie & Cody

Our first impression when we met Wendy Cheung is how friendly and knowledgeable she is. Buying our first home with Wendy was stress free and worry free, the process from beginning to end was easy and we are so happy with our purchase. Wendy answered all our questions and made us feel at ease at all times. We would recommend her 100% and in the future we will be using her again!

By: Paul & Cindy Kelly

We would like to thank Craig and Wendy for the great effort they put into selling our home. As a team they are extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable and have great communication skills. They guided us through the house selling process, which we didn’t have any experience with and we are grateful for their help. They are very much team players so when one wasn’t available the other stepped in with ease and took care of our every need. We feel that one of the most important parts of any successful business is communication and they were very prompt at responding to questions by emails or voice mails. We enjoyed working with Craig and Wendy and would strongly recommend them if you are looking for great realtors you can count on to sell or buy a home.

By: Jenn Knott

Using Wendy Cheung's services to sell my home was a great decision. I thought my home was unsalable, but with Wendy's expertise and patience my home sold in one day! It was a stress free and hassle free first home selling experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy.

By: Debbie and Mike Upton

Craig and Wendy were amazing to work with. They are knowledgeable, professional and have a real eye for detail. They are also very personable and by the end of our first meeting it felt like we had known them for years. We were feeling overwhelmed about the thought of getting our home ready for sale so we were thrilled when Craig and Wendy told us that part of their service included a consultation with a professional home interior designer and stager! The consultant provided some excellent tips and advice. We were also impressed with the quality of the photos and videos. We worked hard getting the our home show ready and professional photos were very important to us as it would be the first glimpse to potential buyers. Thanks Craig and Wendy!!

By: Ginette and Jocelyn

Hi Craig, many thanks for the help and all the advices. I never thought we would find a place in such a short time frame. Great service! I will not hesitate to provide your name to people in my entourage that need help to either buy or sell. Many thanks again!

By: Sylvie and Dominic

Wendy, thank you so very much for the amazing service provided. You were (and still are!) very kind, confident and you truly exceeded our expectations. You knew we were first time home buyers, and you made sure to look out for our best interests (an example would be her suggestion to have the Sellers repair / replace / provide certain items in the home we would have NEVER thought of - she covered every angle). Even after the purchase of our home, she was always there to help answer any questions and concerns we had - not to mention the timing of her responses (very prompt) and her availability to meet with us just simply amazed us. In my opinion, I don't see Wendy just helping people sell and buy homes - she's there for you and understands your needs. She is committed to finding you the right home. Thanks.

By: Dave and Joanne

Dear Wendy, We can't thank you enough for your help in finding us our first home. We were a little intimidated by the process but you were very helpful, patient and supportive throughout our many questions! We can't believe we found our home on the first day of house hunting with you. We thought it would take much more time to find and were delighted that it went so smoothly. We can't thank you enough for making our first home purchase stress free, it meant the world to us. We also wanted to thank you for the excellent referrals that you provided to us for our mortgage and home inspection. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and we will most certainly refer our friends and family to you for their buying or selling opportunities. Thanks very much!

By: Chris and Heather Guy

Dear Wendy, Although this letter is long over due, I still had to send it as our gratitude to you is unending. We can't thank you enough for all of your help in finding and purchasing our new home. We had been looking at houses for the past 10 years, I am not exaggerating, we really had been looking that long. When we heard that you had become a realtor, we wanted to purchase a home through you. We did not have high expectations of finding anything soon, as it had already been such a long search. You listened very carefully as we expressed what we wanted in a home, after viewing each home, you were able to focus in on our preferences and within a matter of weeks, we had found the place we wanted. Upon purchasing our new home, we set into panic mode as this then left us with only 6 weeks to put our current home on the market and have it sold. You managed to sell it in one week! Your calm confidence, along with your partner Craig, helped us remain calm through the brief yet extremely stressful process. You explained everything to us in detail and even prepared us for what we should be anticipating throughout the process. A friend of mine has recently bought a new house and sold her current one. I strongly recommended that she call you, however, she felt an obligation towards another agent. She came to me at one point stating that she wished she had given you a call. I have to say that her experience was very negative. She felt she had no support from her agent. He did not listen to her, rarely returned her phone calls and often went in a direction that as contrary to her wishes. This unfortunate experience simply reinforced how completely competent your realtor services are. I could not think of one aspect of my dealings with you that I would change or improve. Thank you so much for making this such a positive experience for us. I have been telling everyone I know how wonderful you are at what you do and strongly suggesting that they call you. We wish you continuing success!

By: Luc

The first time I talked to Wendy was over the phone and I immediately felt a positive connection so I decided to go with her services. She was very kind, social and easy to work with. She was also very helpful throughout the entire buying process by breaking it down and explaining every step of the way while answering all my questions.

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