REALTOR® / Broker

I am an overachiever with a sense of humour and passion for life! Hi, I'm Wendy, and I am living my best life!

I am driven by a strong work ethic, motivation to be the best and a desire to help everyone achieve their real estate goals.
My pursuit of excellence originated from my wise immigrant parents who came to Canada with very little and worked hard to create a life by design.

The best part of my day is exercising my strong negotiation skills and attention to detail to ensure that my clients receive the best
possible outcome in every transaction. I work to win every time!

When I am not working, you might see me on the golf course, working with my personal trainer, shopping for the best deals, travelling, or spending time with my family.
(Husband Craig, Mom, and my fur babies)
I am fluent in English and semi-fluent in Cantonese, allowing me to serve clients from my ethnic background.

I hope that we get to meet and work together.

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Craig Barton-Hill

REALTOR® / Owner

Hi, I'm Craig Barton-Hill – your go-to for real estate, finance, and adventure!

With experience as a Real Estate Agent, Private Mortgage Lender, Business Owner, and Entrepreneur, I focus on relationships and lasting opportunities for my team, my family but most of all you!

When not working, I'm with my dog, Whiski and my Cat Snooki, or our favorite thing to do, traveling with my wife and business partner Wendy. Together we are ready for any challenge and Adventure!

I believe in living life fully, that is why fitness is incredibly important. I need to keep up and exceed your expectations...Able Body, Able Mind!

In my "Leisure Time" I am usually off in Costa Rica or Playing Golf.

As a Private Investor, Landlord, and Real Estate Enthusiast, I fell naturally into this business many years ago and I deliver results beyond expectations. Let's make your dreams a reality together!

Cheers to new beginnings!

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Angelle Paquette-Cardinal

Sr. VP of Operations

Welcome to my world of creativity and efficiency! I'm Angelle, a proud mother of two wonderful girls, one of whom is passionately immersed in the world of dance. With a background in graphic design, I weave my artistic flair into every aspect of my life, whether it's crafting captivating visuals or designing the perfect golf swing.

Beyond my professional title as Sr. Vice President of Operations, I embody versatility. From managing social media strategies to orchestrating seamless transactions, I wear many hats with finesse. My journey doesn't end there; I find solace in the rhythmic hum of my sewing machine and the peaceful tranquility of my backyard, where my chickens roam freely and where I tap into nature's bounty to produce homemade maple syrup.

Every day, I strive to infuse creativity into every project, be it in the boardroom or the sewing room. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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